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Posted on: September 16, 2008 6:24 pm

Week 2 @Seattle Thoughts and Observations

- I thought the offense was impresive against a pretty tough Seattle defense. Martz called a great game. He saw that the Seahawks were blitzing every play and took advantage of it by keeping Davis back to block and using the open middle of the field. He also wasn't afraid to get away from the running game when it wasn't working, which I am sure will get some 49er fans but not me. When the passing game is working and the running game isn't I would rather pass.

- J.T. O'Sullivan really impressed me yesterday. He was stepping up into the pocket and delivering his passes with accuracy and zip. I loved the middle of the field finally being used and it was used all day because the Seahawks blitzed all day. JTO's 63 yard pass to Bruce was the best pass a 49ers quarterback has thrown since Garcia left. The only knock I have on JTO's performance yesterday is that a few times, three to be exact, he had the chance to throw the ball away but instead he took a sack

- Frank Gore continues to look good. The Seahawks completely stacked the box to stop him yesterday and it worked well but Gore was still solid. Through the first two weeks he seems to have regained that fumbling problem but hopefully he will fix that. I don't really know why Zak Keasey is on the roster. I say cut him and move Thomas Clayton up from the PS

- So Bryant Johnson is the 49er's vertical threat and Isaac Bruce is the consistent possession receiver, right? Well then I guess they switched jerseys Sunday. Bruce got behind coverage 4 times, including the 63 yard catch when he burnt Marcus Trufant, while Johnson was great at getting open. Arnaz Battle had a good game as well with 4 catches for 4 first downs, for the season he is 5 for 5. I am convinced that Johnson should be the #1 receiver, Bruce should be #2, and Battle should be in the slot. Josh Morgan and Jason Hill aren't ready yet

- Vernon Davis was targeted a few times but was well covered. I am sure Martz haters are going to jump all over him for Davis having only 3 catches through 2 games but I am not worried yet because the Seahawks and the Cardinals are two of the better defenses the 49ers will face this year. Davis was also kept in t help block for most of the second half because the offensive line was having trouble

- That was the most inconsistent offensive line play I have seen in my entire life. One play everyone on the line was great and stonewalled the Seahawks blitz and the next they were all terrible and everyone got through. I still don't think that the line was as bad as the 8 sacks would lead one to believe. Three of those sacks were on JT and a couple were coverage sacks. I thought Joe Staley played well while everyone else, except Jonas Jennings and Eric Heitmann, were solid. Jennings was getting beat like crazy by whoever lined up against him and Heitmann got pushed into the backfield 4 or 5 times. I said last week that I thought the starting offensive line should be Staley, Baas, Heitmann, Wragge, Jennings but now I take that back. It should be Staley, Baas, Wragge, Rachal, and Snyder or Staley, Snyder, Wragge, Baas, Sims.

- On defense I don't know what we were doing. I thought I liked Manusky after last year but so far this season I am not sure. I don't know if it is him or Nolan calling the plays but whoever it is needs to stop keeping so many defensive backs in and blitz mroe often. Every time the 49ers blitz something good happens but they only blitz, and my definition of blitz is bring more than 4 people, a handful of times a game. Harris and Clements are two of the best man-to-man corners in the league, just let them play.

- The entire endefensive line wasn't very impressive at all. Again Justin Smith was the standout and made a few plays but wasn't drawing double teams like last week. Though I guess that could be because he was facing one of the best left tackles in the game in Walter Jones. Isaac Sopoaga was solid again and he seems to be our second best defensive lineman. We really need a new nose tackle because Aubrayo Franklin and Ronald Fields are both bad. Ray McDonald made one good play when he tipped Hasselbeck's pass but was shut down other than that.

- Why in the **** was Manny Lawson only in on like 10/71 defensive plays? He is one of the best players on our defense but instead of using him there Nolan and/or Manusky wants him playing special teams so they can have 5 defensive backs. I will admit he got owned a little on the Julius Jone touchdown but come on. Patrick Willis is cementing his claim to be the best middle linebacker in the game and is on pace for around 100 tackles, 20 passes defended, and 8 interceptions. I am sure he will get less PD's and interceptions but will end up with a few sacks and more tackles. Takeo Spikes and Jeff Ulbrich can madn the other inside linebacker position well enough but we could use an upgrade. Parys Haralson was extremely quiet but barely got more playing time than Lawson. It seemed like every play we were in the nickel or dime with 4 down linemen and Willis and Spikes

- Both Nate Clements and Walt Harris played lights out. Clements got beat a couple of times on slants but on one of them he forced a fumble near the goalline. He also made a few tackles close to the LoS. Harris was just completely shutting down whoever he covered and finished with 3 passes defended. Michael Lewis continues to be a beast in the box and solid when asked to drop back. I thought that Dashon Goldson throuroughly outplayed Mark Roman yesterday but knowing Nolan Roman will still be starting at Seattle. Shawntae Spencer looked good whenever he was in

- I don't know what happened to the punt coverage team. So far this season they are allowing twice as many yards per return as last year and even though Andy Lee isn't booming punts like last year he is still doing a good job. The kick coverage team was phenomanal outside of the 54 yard return yesterday stopping the Seahawks return man for less than 20 yards on all 4 of his other returns. Joe Nedney is really getting some air under his kicks
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