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Posted on: September 16, 2008 6:17 pm

Preseason Game 1 @Oakland Recap

Some of my observations

- Smith is the best quarterback we have by a wide margin. Even though he was constantly under pressure while JTO and Hill had all day he still outperformed both of them. The only thing that bothered me was that his first pass was a little behind Hill but it was his first pass. That 22 yard pass to Battle was the best pass any QB at that game threw

- O'Sullivan is horrible. Even the passes that he completed to Morgan were off target

- Hill quite possibly has a weaker arm than Chad Pennington

- The first string offensive line looked pretty good in pass protection and okay in run protection

- DeShaun Foster looked bad. There were holes but he wasn't hitting them. I am glad he is our back-up

- I don't know if Thomas Clayton will make it to the PS again this year because he has looked good

- Our second string offensive line, most notably Demane Duckett at LT, looked terrible

- We shouldn't be running the ball with Zak Keasey and we don't need Moran Norris. I say list Michael Robinson as the FB and cut both

- Josh Morgan looked great. He was running perfect routes and making touch catches

- Arnaz Battle looked good. I am surprised he held onto the ball on that third down, not many players would have

- Jason Hill looked okay. Showed some speed on that reverse

- The first team defense, which was only in completely on the Raiders first drive, looked good.

- Ray McDonald was getting good pressure

- Kentwan Balmer looked pretty good

- Dashon Goldson was all over the field and made some plays

- Nate Clements is gonna be great again this season

- Shawntae Spencer really looked great. Maybe he can return to 2005 season form and replace an aging Walt

- The second team defense was pretty good as well

- The third and fourth stringers were getting the crap pounded out of them

- Reggie Smith made a couple of good plays

- Jay Moore looked really good

Most importantly some people need to relax and realize that it was the first preseason game under a new offensive coordinator. Everyone is still learning and there were bound to be mistakes. But at least all 4 turnovers were by players who won't be starting and outside of the 71 and 31 yard runs they had against our 3rd stringers the defense was good
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