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Posted on: September 16, 2008 6:22 pm

2008 Final Roster and Depth Chart Predictions

These aren't so much predictions as they are my dream final roster but here it goes anyway

Offense (25)

QB1: J.T. O'Sullivan - He has been the best QB in camp and in the preseason and has earned the right to open the season as the starter.
QB2: Alex Smith - Has performed better than Hill in camp and the preseason and the 49ers aren't going to cut him this year like some people think
QB3: Shaun Hill - There is no way the 49ers cut him after giving him a 3 year, $6 million contract

RB1: Frank Gore - I honestly thought DeShaun Foster might beat him out. /sarcasm
RB2: DeShaun Foster - A very capable back-up and MRob hasn't done enough at RB to warrant 2nd string
RB3: Michael Robinson - He is a great special teams player and solid running back that just received a contract extension so he isn't going anywhere
RB4: Thomas Clayton - This is more of a wish than prediction. He has performed so well in the last two preseasons I don't think he will slip through waivers and it would be a shame to lose such a young talent

FB: Zak Keasey - I like Moran Norris but he has been working with the 2nd team all offseason, there is no way we keep to fullbacks, and Keasey looked good against Chicago

WR1: Isaac Bruce - I had hoped that Battle would impress and take this spot but he has been injured
WR2: Arnaz Battle - Even though he hasn't played much this offseason he has played more than Bryant Johnson so should open up ahead of him
WR3: Josh Morgan(R) - He has been a complete beast in the offseason and I think he has overtaken Johnson
WR4: Bryant Johnson - Everyone thinking he would be the #1 WR and him actually #4 is a testament that our receivers are better than they ot credit for
WR5: Jason Hill - Ashley Lelie may be better right now, debatable, but Hill has more upside, won't get cut, and I don't see us keeping 6 receivers

TE1: Vernon Davis - Obviously
TE2: Delanie Walker - We will not keep three tight ends and Walker is a better receiver than Bajema so Martz will use him

LT1: Joe Staley- Switching from the right to the left wil be tough but Staley will do it
LT2: Barry Sims - Very capable back-up with tons of starting experience

LG1: David Baas- If Baas comes back from injury at 100% he is better than Snyder has been this preseason at guard
LG2: Brian De La Puente(R) - Has been really impressive in all three preseason games and provides depth at guard, which we don't have

C1: Eric Heitmann - It looked like Wallace might beat out Heitmann in TC but Heitmann silenced those rumors in the preseason
C2: Cody Wallace(R) - I like him a lot and could see him taking over for Heitmann in a couple of years but not right now

RG1: Tony Wragge - Rachal is coming along slowly and Wragge has been a monster in the preseason
RG2: Chilo Rachal(R) - Like I said he is coming along slowly but he still looked good in the preseason, just not as good as Wragge

RT1: Jonas Jennings - I hate the guy because he is unreliable but when he is healthy he is great, like he has been this preseason
RT2: Adam Snyder - I have always thought he was a better tackle than guard and he will make a good back-up if/when Jennings goes down with an injury

Defense (24)

LDE1: Ray McDonald - He followed up a strong performance at the end of last season with an amazing preseason and deserves to start
LDE2: Kentwan Balmer(R)- All bias aside, he hasn't looked very good this preseason but he obviously won't be cut

NT1: Isaac Sopoaga - He is listed as a starting DE but with McDonald's emergence he should slide inside and perform well
NT2: Aubrayo Franklin - Franklin is a pure NT and might get more playing time than Sopoaga there when we play the 3-4 but Sopoaga will get more total playing time
NT3: Ronald Fields - I really like Fields and think he could start anywhere along the line in a pinch

RDE1: Justin Smith - Pretty obvious choice here. He will be moved around a lot in our hybrid 3-4/4-3
RDE2: Kentwan Balmer(R)

LOLB1: Manny Lawson - He has looked good enough to obviously be the starter but he doesn't seem to be back to 100% yet
LOLB2: Jay Moore- Looked pretty good in the preseason games and should make a adeqaute backup

ILB1: Patrick Willis - ...
ILB2: Dontarrius Thomas - He has looked like a capable back-up in preseason action

ILB1: Takeo Spikes - Hopefully he catches up with the rest of the defense in time to start alongside P.Willy
ILB2: Jeff Ulbrich - He has better than Spikes in preseason play but Spikes should catch up with the defense soon enough. I could see, and am fine with, either one starting

ROLB1: Parys Haralson - Neither him or TBC is a great player by any means but Haralson is listed as the starter right now so...
ROLB2: Tully Banta-Cain - He has come on strong in the preseason, albeit against 2nd string players, and could work his way back into the starting line-up

LCB1: Nate Clements - No explanation needed
LCB2: Donald Strickland - He has performed very well in the preseason
LCB3: Reggie Smith(R) - He has done well but not enough to crack the starting rotation yet

RCB1: Walt Harris - He has been surprisingly beastly this preseason after an off year last year
RCB2: Shawntae Spencer - Arguably has performed better than any of our corners in the preseason
RCB3: Marcus Hudson - Right now he is a little better than Brown, imo, he is more versatile, and he is well liked (he cuts most of the teams hair)

SS1: Michael Lewis - Beast last year
SS2: Keith Lewis - He isn't a great safety but he is an excellent special teams player

FS1: Dashon Goldson - After two great preseason campaigns and tons of playmaking ability Nolan has to start him
FS2: Mark Roman - Nolan has hinted that Roman will be starting but come on

Special Teams (4)

K: Joe Nedney
P: Andy Lee
KR/PR: Allen Rossum
LS: Brian Jennings

Practice Squad (8)

Dominique Zeigler, WR
Cam Colvin, WR
Ricky Schimmt, K/P
Markus Curry, DB
Louis Holmes, DE
Joe Cohen, DT
Joe Toledo, OT
Larry Grant, LB
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2008 Post Draft Predicted Roster/Depth Chart

Now this is subject to change because we might make some more moves.

Offense (24):

QB1: Alex Smith - I just don't see him being beat out in training camp by Hill
QB2: Shaun Hill - He was great last year but I think a lot of that was luck
QB3: J.T. O'Sullivan - Martz likes him and it is always good to have a capable 3rd string QB

RB1: Frank Gore - Don't really need an explanation here
RB2: DeShaun Foster - Foster could be an average starter and will be a great back-up
RB3: Thomas Clayton - He showed potential last preseason while Michael Robinson seems to have topped out

FB: Moran Norris - I heard we are trying to convert MRob to FB but I think that is a longshot

TE1: Vernon Davis - Obviously
TE2: Delanie Walker - I don't see us keeping 3 tight ends and Walker is a better receiver than Bajema so Martz will like that

WR1: Bryant Johnson - He has the skills to be a #1 but I am not sure on this
WR2: Arnaz Battle - Battle is a great number 2 option and no one is taking his job
WR3: Isaac Bruce - Bruce will be the perfect slot receiver for Martz
WR4: Jason Hill - He could live up to his potential and jump up a few spots
WR5: Josh Morgan (R) - Has potential and probably won't get cut
WR6: Robert Jordan (R)- I think Jordan fits the mold of a "Martz" WR more than Colvin

LT1: Joe Staley - We drafted him to play here and he seems ready but if he isn't we always have Adam Snyder
LT2: Jonas Jennings - I would like to see us get rid of him because he rarely plays but as a back-up I guess he is okay, though he makes too much money for it

Chilo Rachal (R) - He definitely has the ability to start right away
LG2: Tony Wragge - A very dependable back-up

Eric Heitmann - Hopefully he returns to his 2006 form
C2: Cody Wallace (R) - Some people have him starting but he probably won't for a couple years

RG1: David Baas - He was pretty good last year towards to end of the season and should improve on that
RG2: Brian De La Puente (R) - It is a competition between him, Jeb Terry, and Qasim Mitchell for this spot and I think De La Puente gets it because of his upside

Adam Snyder - There is no doubt in my mind that he is going to start somewhere along the line
RT2: Jonas Jennings - See above.

Defense (26):

RDE1: Kentwan Balmer (R) - He is much better suited for 3-4 end and nose tackle
RDE2: Ray McDonald - Looked good at the end of last season and will make a decent back-up

NT1: Isaac Sopoage - Really stepped up in 2007 and hopefully he will build on that
NT2: Aubrayo Franklin - Not great but adds good depth to the defensive line
NT3: Ronald Fields - Great run stopper and adds depth to the DL

LDE1: Justin Smith - 275 pounds is enough to play DE but I would like to see him bulk up a little
LDE2: Melvin Oliver - Hopefully he doesn't get injured again because he is a solid player
LDE3: Joe Cohen - I don't think the 49ers will cut him because he has potential and was injured last year

WOLB1: Parys Haralson - He played better than TBC last year and is only improving
WOLB2: Tully Banta-Cain - Demoted! Hopefully

LILB1: Patrick Willis - Duh
LILB2: Brandon Moore - Great back-up that has the ability to start if, God forebid, Willis gets hurt
LILB3: Jeff Ulbrich- You can never have too many capable linebackers in the 3-4

RILB1: Uzra Butler (R) - My wildcard here. He has the physical tools (6'2'', 250 pounds, 4.51 40) to play OLB but I see him more as an inside backer
RILB2: Jay Grant (R)- That's right, two rookies that are a 7th round pick and UDFA at our other linebacker spot. Call me crazy

SOLB1: Manny Lawson - Another obvious choice
SOLB2: Jay Moore - I see him more as a "Will" than a "Sam" but the coaches don't

RCB1: Nate Clements - I think he might lose his starting job /sarcasm
RCB2: Shawntae Spencer- He is good enough to be a back-up even though that isn't saying much

LCB1: Reggie Smith (R)- I am going off of what I heard that Mike Nolan said. I heard he said he thinks Smith is going to be ready to start at corner
LCB2: Tarell Brown - Hopefully he will live up to his potential and make and impact as a nickelback
LCB3: Marcus Hudson - Having 5 corners on the roster is always good and I give Hudson the edge over Strickland

FS1: Walt Harris - Again, I am going off of what I heard Nolan said. If Smith is ready to start at CB then Harris will switch to free safety
FS2: Dashon Goldson - Hopefully he will be able to take over for Harris when he gets old, I mean older than he is

SS1: Michael Lewis - No competition here, he was beastly last year
SS2: Keith Lewis - He is usually a free safety but he won't play here anyway, we are going to keep him for special teams

Special Teams (4):

K: Joe Nedney
P: Andy Lee
KR/PR: Allen Russom
LS: Brian Jennings
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