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Posted on: September 16, 2008 6:19 pm

Preseason Game 3 @Chicago Recap

QB Analysis:

J.T. O'Sullivan - Wow! Where did that come from? That pass to Davis was great and the touchdown to Hill was an amazing play. 49er fans haven't seen throws like that since Alex Smith in 2006. The biggest thing that JTO did right, though, was not make many mistakes. He didn't try and force something that wasn't there. Was his great performance enough to overcome one terrible game and one mediocre? I guess for now he should be the starter but I am still not completely sold on him. His only mistake was holding onto the ball too long at the goalline when Davis was two yards away wide open. 9/10

Alex Smith - He finally gets a chance to play with the first team offensive line, which has been great this preseason, and they turn into the second team offensive line all of the sudden. He showed great ability to escape the rush and still do something but he wasn't very accurate. Sure he was more accurate than his numbers (6/17) show because there were 4 dropped passes when he was in, he had to spike the ball once, and he had to throw it away once or twice, but he was still nowhere near as accurate as JTO. This was the best chance he had to win he starting job, which is sad when you think about it because he was playing with the first team for the first time in weeks and had no timing with them. He still looked much better than he did in weeks 1 and 2. 7/10

Shaun Hill - Looked good but was playing against third team defense with a huge leade so he wasn't making any tough throws, just short passes. He is still obviously the number 3 QB on the team. No rating

Everyone else

- Were the running backs great or what? Frank Gore was running all over the Bears, that 28 yarder was great. 10 touches for 70 yards in basically 1 quarter. Thomas Clayton came in when the Bears still had their starters in and was great. With his performance in the past two preseasons I find it hard to believe he will clear the waiver wire again to make it to the PS. But that means we have to keep 4 running backs. Gore, DeShaun Foster, and Michael Robinson are all obviously going to be on the team

- Last week I said I didn't want to keep a fullback but Zak Keasey really looked good last night when he was on offense. Not to mention he is a great special teams player. Moran Norris seems to be expendable since Martz doesn't use old-fashioned fullbacks

- I wonder what happened to Josh Morgan. Is this the inconsistency VT fans are telling us about? I don't know yet. A few Alex Smith passes went his way and I think he should have caught 2 of them but he didn't. Jason Hill has gotten progressively better this preseason and looked great last night, except for when he slipped on 3rd down and dropped the pass from his knees. The WR that has surprised me the most is Dominique Zeilger. 14 catches for 148 yards and a TD in 3 preseason games is pretty good, imo. Isaac Bruce looked good as well. We may have to keep 6 receivers, Bruce, Bryant Johnson, Arnaz Battle, Hill, Morgan, and Zeigler. Although we probably could sneak Zeigler onto the PS

- Vernon Davis is looking good. That was a great over the shoulder catch on the pas from JTO and he was open a few other times. He made a nice adjustment to come back for Smith's pass and almost made another great catch. Delanie Walker only got one pass thrown his way when he was open but Smith missed. I don't think we are keepin Billy Bajema

- What can I say about the first team offensive line that I haven't said already. They have just looked great in pass protection all preseason and last night the run blocking was just as good. Tony Wragge was really good last night and Brian De La Puente looked like a decent player. The starting line should be, from left to right, Joe Staley, David Baas, Eric Heitmann, Wragge, Jonas Jennings. The back-ups looked better last night than they have so far this preseason

- The defense overall disappointed me. I don't think the players played poorly but we barely even blitzed and Kyle Orton had all day to throw. The starting run defense looked good aside from the 34 yarder from Kevin Jones.

- The starting defensive line couldn't seem to get any pressure by themselves when last week we barely even needed to blitz to pressure Green Bay. That could be because it was a short week. Justin Smith, Isaac Sopoaga, Ray McDonald, and Ronald Fields all looked good while no one else on the dline stood out

- Patrick Willis and Manny Lawson always seem to be around the ball and should back a great LB-duo. Maybe Takeo Spikes just hasn't gotten the defense down yet but he has looked slow these past two games and Jeff Ulbrich has looked better than him. Tully Banta-Cain was good again last night and looks to beat out Roderick Green for a roster spot. I didn't notice much from players like Dontarrius Thomas and Larry Grant but then again we held the ball for almost 11 minutes in the 4th quarter when they would have played

- No secondary can cover for 8-10 seconds and ours is no different. Walt Harris looked great for the third straight preseason game, Nate Clements looked solid, and Michael Lewis made a few mistakes but was okay overall. The player who stood out to me, in a bad way, was Mark Roman. He looked awful. I don't understand why Nolan even put him in with the first team when Dashon Goldson has been great at FS. That PI on Shawntae Spencer was bull. I didn't see Markus Curry at all after a good performance last week but that could be for the same reason I didn't see Grant and Thomas. Donald Strickland failed miserably to knock down that hail mary.

- The special teams this preseason has been terrible. We gave up a TD to Johnnie Lee Higgins, two big returns to Jordy Nelson, and Danieal Manning killed us last night. I will chalk that up to out best gunner, MRob, being out thouhg. We also had a blocked punt and a blocked field goal which there is no excuse for
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